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The Now Factor: Elevating Your Brand with Timely Social Media Posts

In the pulsating heart of today’s marketing universe, social media is the lifeline that connects brands to their audience. Forget billboards and broadcast; the social feed is where the conversation happens. And in this digital dialogue, timing is everything. Fresh is the New Black It’s simple: newer posts get noticed. Social media’s secret sauce lies […]

The Significance of Web Design in Cape Town

In the contemporary business landscape, having a strong online presence is imperative, and web design plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. Cape Town, with its vibrant economy and thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, stands out as a hotspot for top-tier web design services, making it an ideal destination for businesses aiming to excel in the […]

Creating Engaging Micro-Content for a Distracted Social Media Audience

The digital age has dramatically reshaped the way we consume content. Attention spans are shrinking, and the constant flood of information makes capturing and maintaining user attention increasingly challenging. It’s in this fast-paced landscape that engaging, bite-sized content has emerged as a critical tool in social media marketing.

Weston Marketing Group : 14 Year Anniversary new brand reveal!

With a 14 years of marketing, design and digital communication in their pocket , it is very fitting for a new jacket for this Western Cape Marketing Agency. Why the galaxy metaphor in the new brand?  For us the galaxy represents the current state of marketing and specifically digital marketing.  There is an infinite amount [...]

360 degree Marketing

Because of the digital age we are in, it’s important to hit customers from every angle. You have to go the extra mile to stand out. In doing so, you can look forward to a better return on your investment because you’re not wasting time on the wrong leads and instead nurturing targeted customers in [...]

Art of Wall

We asked our Creative Director, Elna, about the Art of wall campaign. What was your role in the making of this campaign? I am a jack of all trades lately, but officially I am the Creative Director for BrandBlocks Marketing. It is my role to conceptualise the ‘’big idea’’ and write the copy or that [...]


NEVER STOP DREAMING – MANDELA DAY AT THE SA CHILDREN’S HOME Another year and another exciting idea from the BrandBlocks Marketing team for the 2017 ‘Mandela Day initiative’. This year BrandBlocks Marketing joined hands with Maze Academy and Max On Top ® in support of the SA Children’s Home where they spent 67 minutes at [...]

The BIKABA logo

A simple logo with a deep metaphor. The BIKABA logo explained. When designing a logo, our creative team always prepares for the brain-storming sessions by doing extensive research into the root meaning of associated words or subjects relating to the new brand. With BIKABA, the team had a good look at what “kitchen” and “bathroom” [...]

BIKABA 2017 Awards

The Best in Kitchen and Bathroom Awards launches with a bang. BIKABA 2017 (Best In Kitchen And Bathroom Awards), proudly hosted by Max On Top, attracts outstanding architects, interior designers and aspirational kitchen and bathroom specialists and students from all over South Africa. The nationwide competition is running from November until March 2017. The Awards offer the prestige [...]